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  1. Prestashop blog module

    @all our final version is ready for release 1.6 and 1.7 , please pm me who is willing to test the verison.
  2. Prestashop blog module

    Please try with this version soon we will release this version http://smartdatasoft.com/doc/ps/smartblog.zip this is beta 1 for our new update
  3. Prestashop blog module

    Not sure what happen. i have re-attached the module form media. now it shows for download.
  4. Prestashop blog module

    @Nikoleta I admin it show temporary folder some time. Did you check you have upload image jpg. If the problem exits you can send me your site information in PM, i will investigate that.
  5. Prestashop blog module

    hello, the admin show temp folder image. the image is not exits in details page. can you upload new file again.
  6. Prestashop blog module

    @Nakatika You need to uninstall child module first. Please rename those child module from ftp, then the fatal error will gone. Our new version is done. Those who are interested to test the blog, please send me PM In this version we have used same features like old version but codebase is changed
  7. Prestashop blog module

    @letonton Yes i am following. there was a bug in the top language change. We have fix that. In our upcoming version. Hope soon we are able to give you a proper solution and invite all to test the module. We are glad to inform all that we rewrite the module 2.0.1 version by take code our 2.1 version. So all 2.0.1 theme version will compatible with upcoming version and also new features.
  8. Prestashop blog module

    @letonton Can you send me screen short of your word , so that we can short list for update
  9. Configuring smartblog

    @kunefe from smartblog image size manager you can set your home page image size and after that regenerate image there.
  10. Configuring smartblog

    Which version of smartblog you are using.Can you please told me. Are you using last release , if yes you are disable the canonical redirect option
  11. Prestashop blog module

    @diseñarte Will you please folliow the solution which i have describe here http://smartdatasoft.com/doc/ps/smartblog/#!/faq @davis_kmatrix I will investigate this issue and will fix this.
  12. Prestashop blog module

    @all Sorry for reply log time. Due to some major technical issue in the team i am not able to reply. From now i am available to help all of you . And one good news is smartblog new version work is going. We are soon going to release more optimized code and nice features. @davis_kmatrix Will you please update the version for forum post which fine. I think you have download the master beach from git . which have to unzip then zip the smartblog folder to upload
  13. Prestashop blog module

    Hello, Current smartblog in git have some issue in ps 1.7, we are working on that. soon we will release a update for 1.7