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  1. @paulgore We have released a free PrestaShop page builder you can check it
  2. If you send me your site access and ftp ,and feel secure. I will personally check the issue for you. Send them in Pm Thank you
  3. Creo que te olvidas de regenerar las imágenes. Hace unos días escribimos un artículo en nuestro blog relacionado con esto, donde mostramos cómo usar diferentes tipos de imagen para la imagen de Facebook o agregar un nuevo tipo de imagen y usar esa imagen con detalles. Puedes consultar los detalles aquí https://classydevs.com/add-open-graph-data-on-prestashop/ gracias
  4. @angelique.comjulien Bonjour, avez-vous modifié la configuration du serveur. Comme cache mamecache , ou autre option dans le serveur. Supprimer la langue par défaut ou autre. L'erreur affiche un problème lié à la traduction. Dans l'attente de vous Merci
  5. @ArthurA From which version of PrestaShop you are trying to update . If you are using PrestaShop classic theme and PrestaShop native module and your other new theme use PrestaShop native module same position then your content may looks same. What razaro said is right. PrestaShop core product, etc will same. but custom module content may be not looks good if they are overwrite from theme. Best way to modification theme using child theme. Thank you
  6. @ Catarina123 Veuillez exécuter ce code dans votre phpmyadmin, il résoudra votre problème. Une erreur indique que la table de connexion est manquante. Certains comment c'était de supprimer
  7. Please set memory limit at least 512mb, do not set -1 it may not affected. Secondly, you can check ajax error also what previous post suggest. Thank you
  8. Please in crease the memory limit from php setting. Hope it will solved Thank you
  9. Did you enable the debug mode? I suggest you to post the error after debug mode enable. Change the value to 7.2 and clear cache and check again Thank you
  10. I have checked the issue on and it works perfectly. Tell me which version you are working on. And please clear the cache properly before testing. It can happen because of the cache
  11. Hello, @JuliusB I have edit the module two line code. You can backup your own module and test my one. Both module url now working. Thank you confections.zip confectionbrd.zip
  12. Yes, this what i also told. Need to change the this variable path other wise other variable will not work. But did you check after the change the location it work . In my case the image failed to load as they try to find the image from /img folder due to .httaccess rules.
  13. Please check brother before view it add two // which will be / , i checked my self from view source
  14. Please change it public function hookHeader() { $this->context->controller->addJS($this->_path . '/views/js/front.js'); } to public function hookHeader() { $this->context->controller->addJS($this->_path . 'views/js/front.js'); } other wise it will add a extra / <script type="text/javascript" src="http://localhost:8888/ps/" ></script> Thank you
  15. @Elvinas You not need to uninstall the file as brother Shahab add nothing much which need to reinstall the module just replace the module you will see it work.
  16. @renaud2263 At first you need to told the module name and their table structure name and files, then community member can give you the full sql correctly if you are not expert. You find the table name and filed name and relation ship with theme and in your custom module you need class via PrestaShop DB class and then send the result data in ProductReviews hook. If you can share the module then any community member can help. Without know no one can help as you are not expert to find where you need to put the code and how to do Thank you
  17. Just try to comment this line / public function __construct() { $this->templateFile = 'module:recommended_products_custom/views/templates/hook/recommended_products_custom.tpl'; } you will see the message in browser Direct access not allowed. in my case the frontend url is http://localhost:8888/ps/ Hope it will help you. Thank you
  18. Which version of PrestaShop you are using. can you share the site url or PrestaShop version or more details community member can help you . thank you
  19. @ndiaga I think we do not change the image _PS_IMG_DIR_ folder path then category and other controller will not find image path as they directly access _PS_IMG_DIR_ define('_PS_CAT_IMG_DIR_', _PS_IMG_DIR_.'c/'); So the final solution is for location is if (!defined('_PS_IMG_DIR_')) { $new_path = '/Users/mac/Sites/localhost/ps/new-img-' ; define('_PS_IMG_DIR_', $new_path .'/img/'); } if (!defined('_PS_HOST_MODE_')) { echo realpath($currentDir.'/..'); $new_path = '/Users/mac/Sites/localhost/ps/new-img-' ; define('_PS_CORE_IMG_DIR_', $new_path.'/img/'); } else { define('_PS_CORE_IMG_DIR_', $new_path.'/img/'); } Another challenge i face the .httaccess where the image url is accessible like RewriteRule ^([0-9])(\-[_a-zA-Z0-9-]*)?(-[0-9]+)?/.+\.jpg$ %{ENV:REWRITEBASE}img/p/$1/$1$2$3.jpg [L] So the image is not found. In my opinion it is better to use PrestaShop media server , move image to new sub domain which point to that hdd. What you think Thank you
  20. Normally in back end their is not option to filter the inquiry message. The easies solution is to use google captcha in contact us page,So that user are not able to post without validate the captchas Other wise you are not able to prevent spamming in your site. Thank you
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