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Price is 0 on category page


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Hello everyone,


I'm using PrestaShop The problem is the price on the product list of the category is shows 0, but on product page is correct, also is correct on "new products" page. How can i fix this? I'll need your help and thank you in advance.category-page.thumb.png.d124d354b20df9e7558775d3fe021e12.pngproduct-page.thumb.png.f494c37dff9378575c399142f3f5e79f.pngnew-products-page.thumb.png.6b6c4b890d1c3d993c0287b918749f34.png

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50 minutes ago, SmartDataSoft said:

Can you please re index all values and correctly configure the face searched module after update, Hope that will solve your issue


Thank you



I tried by delete and reinstall the latest version, reindex all values of the module but unfortunately didn't help. I'm rolling back to v2.2.1 where can't use price filter but doesn't have this problem with 0 price.



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I did reinstall the faceted search clered etc. nothing works still price is 0 on some product in category. Fix for me was duplicate the product and delete the product that show 0.

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You can try the following steps:

1. Clear cache and regenerate product thumbnails: Clear the PrestaShop cache and regenerate product thumbnails. This can be done in the "Advanced Parameters" > "Performance" section of your PrestaShop back office. Click on the "Clear cache" button and then the "Regenerate thumbnails" button. This step can help ensure that any cached data or outdated thumbnails are not causing the issue.

2. Check for conflicts with other modules or themes: Disable any other recently installed modules or themes that may be conflicting with the "ps_faceted" module. Temporarily disabling them can help identify if the issue is caused by a conflict between modules or the theme.


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