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Skipping the order summary page


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I've got my site talking to paypal, when it returns after payment it goes to an order summary page that requires you to scroll down and click the paypal button again. This makes NO sense. My customers are never going to know to push the payment button again!! Much less scroll down to find it! 

Is there a way to skip this, or auto complete it so it just goes past the SHOPPING-CART SUMMARY and directly to the ORDER CONFIRMATION page? Also White type in a yellow box?? How is that readable?? :) 

My version is

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Which paypal module you are using, default PrestaShop module or module from addons market place. The process you indicate means first time. they module take permission from paypal and send the site with authentication key, when click the button again the payment is confirm.

You can check if their is any other check our system for paypal like express check out. Which need you to set some key in paypal by default and then need api key to connect something like this image


Thank you

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Hi SmartDS- I don't think I was specific enough so here are some screen shots to try and illustrate the page that doesn't need to be there. I am using the default Paypal module.

1: I've placed my order and gone to the Payapl Sandbox payment. It's processed:



2: It takes me back to my site to this offending summary page : (this is the top half)



3: Then my customers have to scroll down in this page to find this button. They are going to think that their payment either didn't process or they are being charged for a second time. I want to skip over this page completely. There isn't a need for it in the customer's checkout process. If this page can automatically forward to the next page then fine but is it needed for the order process?




4: This is the next page (which has it's own special issues with the warning in white text in a yellow box!) This is what the customer should see after step 1. The order confirmation page, not the order summary page. They are going to know what they ordered anyway.



SO the Crux of this problem is simple in concept. I would rather this returns to my site from paypal (pic 1) to land on the order confirmation page (pic 4) The order summary and the scrolling thing needs to be an invisible part of the process. If not completely gone.

Hope this helps I have no clue where to find this to remedy the situation, What I know about this program wouldn't fill a teacup. :) I appreciate all the assistance.


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