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Issues With PayPal module upgrade to Version 3.15.0


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Hi Forum,

Today i updated PayPal module from PayPal v3.14.2 - by 202-ecommerce  to latest version PayPal v3.15.0 - by 202-ecommerce on PrestaShop version, the update has caused the following issue

1)  Product Add to Cart

2) Proceed To Checkout

Issue when you select Yellow Icon PayPal  Check Out the following error below appears

"This page isn’t working

www.romfordgifts.co.uk is currently unable to handle this request.


Rest blank page.

There appears to be an issue with the update, as i have another website hosted in same conrtol panel and i have not updated PayPal v3.14.2 - by 202-ecommerce to the new version, and as soon as you click on Yellow Icon PayPal Check Out it forwards to Log in to PayPal page.

Has anyone experience a similar issue and thoughts of a solution.

Would appreciate any thoughts or comments.




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