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API page not autorized


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I added a key to my webservice page to link my accountancy program. The connection doesn't work & when I try to visit my API page https://eco-tronic.eu/api I get error 401 unauthorized.


I read a lot online but haven't found any solution. Is there anyone who know's what the problem may be?
In the webservice page is my CGI turned to false because when I don't, I can't visit any page...


I added my .htaccess file as well.


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Got the same problem as you.

If I connect to <myURL>/api/ the browser promts for username and password.

When I enter the authentication key  as username (as the documentation https://devdocs.prestashop.com/1.7/webservice/tutorials/testing-access/ says) the browser promts again and again. In the documentations they say, that this happens only if your connection authentication key hasn't set any rights, but I set every right for this test.

Is there anyone who knows that problem?


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That's exactly what I do. The browser prompts, I enter the API Authentication Key as username and press enter/login.

After that, the Login Window closes and opens again.

I'm not able to log in.

I gave the API key that I'm using at the moment every right existing just for the test but it still does not work.

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