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  1. I have something similar. But the difference is very big in my database: id_order is 2411, id_order_detail is 10384. Maybe it's because it started with order references like QRJHEKGOE and at some point I changed to numbers, but still it's only since yesterday I got this problem. It's like he add's or repeats old orders, inclusive the note/message
  2. Hello As this is an old post: Is there a possibility to add a due date on ivoice? If so, where do I add this? Also: is it possible instead of 30 days or whatever to set the due date as given to the client their account? @rocky Please help, I need this soon
  3. i have the same problem, can't find how to fix it.. Really need this to work!!!!
  4. Same issue in version These are the errors in my console, I can't search for a client either. I don't think your problem will fix mine? I copied the orders folder from my backup because it wasn't there in my folder controllers.
  5. When selecting 'theme translations' I can't select my theme! So I can't edit because there is a parameter that needs to be filled in. How do I fix this? The theme I currently use is a downloaded (bought) one, in the beginning this worked but from one day to another it is just gone.. Any tips?
  6. Hi I am desperately looking for a module to give an employee in the sales access to certain clients (the one he got into our business) and certain products (so that he can only edit prices from THAT product). Searched all topics, all add ons, didn't find a thing for client rights...
  7. I used this in the past, but now I wanted to set this with a holiday text but it doesn't work?? I get errors.. EDIT: I see it's because of my prestashop version.. It's
  8. So, this happens for a few days a week and suddenly it's fixed by itself? I need to know what's the problem so I can fix it. When I want to add an order for a client in the BO I can't add products, when I search for a product I get a red error saying: 'Product can't be added to the shopping cart'. When it for some reason DOES add, then I still can't make the order. When I submit I get a red error: 'cart_id is required'. Does anyone know what this is? Have been looking for days now.. Thank you!
  9. You have to enter the API key as username, no password.
  10. Found a solution! added this in my htaccess: <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine on RewriteRule .* - [E=HTTP_AUTHORIZATION:%{HTTP:Authorization}] </IfModule>
  11. Hi I added a key to my webservice page to link my accountancy program. The connection doesn't work & when I try to visit my API page https://eco-tronic.eu/api I get error 401 unauthorized. I read a lot online but haven't found any solution. Is there anyone who know's what the problem may be? In the webservice page is my CGI turned to false because when I don't, I can't visit any page... I added my .htaccess file as well. .htaccess
  12. Ok, thank you @Crezzur for the information! I will try to contact them and hope to find a solution 🤞
  13. Hi I posted it here: Website you can check here: https://eco-tronic.eu
  14. Hi I am using prestashop and when I want to change quantity higher than 1 my product image completely disappears. How can I fix this? Website you can check here: https://eco-tronic.eu Quantity: 1 Quantity: 2
  15. I have a similar problem in prestashop When changing quantity the image disappears completely..
  16. See it as product Y that has to be added automaticly to product X 10 times product X = automaticly add 10 times product Y to cart Same with 1 X = 1Y, etc... Maybe this helps understanding
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