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Problem with font-editing colour

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First of all i want to say hello,

Im using presta since 2014ish so im more less advanced user but not pro, i was asked by friend to build up website, im using leo theme chopin.

Ive problem with font's. I cant change colour.

Im asking you as im loosing my mind now... 4 nights trying to edit files inc global file and nothing works.

What i need to change i market blue, need to change this fonts to WHITE.


Please help me out- 4 nights in a row im giving up. 

Im working under 1.6.1.


Thank you.


Ps 3rd screen is for custom font editing but ofc i tried to play with but no luck- maybe wrong?


Im willing to pay/donate for help before i loose all my hairs 






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Yeah Leo themes do that, losing your mind I mean. I'd personally stay away.
At any rate I believe that one too has some way to clear its own cache (not sure if by just saving the settings, it is different from theme to theme). Do those settings save at least? Like do they stay if you reload that page

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