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[Solved] Stuck in step3

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I am trying to make a new installation. I am stuck in step 3 with the following error.


Warning : 1 error

Can't connect to database server : please, make sure your server is launched or check the datas you just entered.


The folloing info might give you abt my invironment.

1. Running it in my pc.

2. php version: 5.2.5

3. MYSQL version: 5.0.45-community-nt

4. My server is ON and all services are running.

5. I created a folder as C:wampmysqldatapresta


By the way, I have no idea about mysql or how to create a data base. (I am using SQLiteManager)


Please help me.

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Hi Topusumi, welcome to the PrestaShop Forum! :)


A fellow PS user, mdg, got that same error and was kind enough to post his solution here.


I'll also copy/paste it below for your quick reference:



(Re: "Can't connect to database" problem in Step 3)


Here's how I got past it.


1: Firstly, I forgot to turn my localhost server on, easy enough to forget.


2: Secondly, in my case, the other error messages related to the fact that Prestashop has already installed the database files even though it's saying there's a problem, and reloading or refreshing the page means it's trying to now create a database that already exists. (Paradoxical I know.)


Anyway, what I did to resolve it was: Exit the install procedure completely.


Go to your mysql data files and delete all the files in the prestashop folder or whatever you called it.


Windows may tell you that some files are being used and that you can't delete them, so make sure you close everything associated with the install, then restart them.


Start the installation procedure again. Hopefully you should now get past this page.


Also, be sure to check out mdg's extensive installation tips here.

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Hi Peter

Thanks for the reply. I could manage to install in my pc. But can't install in yahoo server. May be there are some classes that yahoo don't support. Do you have any alternate solution? Can I install in my pc and upload everything in yahoo server? Will it work?


Waiting for your reply.



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I'm not familiar with Yahoo, nor am I a developer.  Which means I need to put your question to the development team.


While awaiting their response (they're very busy getting the next version of PrestaShop ready for tomorrow's release), I searched around in the French-speaking part of the forum and noticed that some users had success installing PrestaShop on certain hosting servers by adding an .htaccess file (or modifying an existing one) in the root directory with the lines:


<Files *.php>
php 1
SetEnv PHP_VER 5   


Let me know if that helps.  In any case, I'll report back once I've heard from the developers about Yahoo/PrestaShop installations.

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