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Who can build an API, communicating with POS


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For which Prestashop version ? You will find ready to use solutions here:


Furthermore you can add manual orders to Prestashop directly on Back-Office Order dashboard, without communication to pos, this means you don't need a POS and can use Prestashop as a POS. If you want a feel like POS, than take a look into Presta Store Manager solution. There you have a designed template which look likes a POS.


If you have a receipt printer, you can also use this on for to print receipts instead Prestashop invoices.

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For Prestashop 1.7.

It is to connect the POS in our store to Prestashop.
To import products, categories and the stock.

A few times a day, Prestashop 1.7.6 need to connect with the POS, for stock update our new products, we have added in our POS.

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