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  1. Can i get an push notification on my phone by WhatsApp when there is a new order? Other then getting an notification of an e-mail? Prestashop 1.7
  2. Thank you, it was a module which i bought from the Prestashop addons store. A override conflict. Thank you for looking into it! And can you remove the screenshot with my shop on it? Thanks
  3. Can anybody help? I installed Prestashop 1.7.6 with Directadmin Installatron. Works smoothly. I installed 4 languages. Switching between languages works also smoothly. Such things as newsletter, search, login, registrer, shopping cart etc has the right translation. Also the menu and categories does translate the right way. But any page or product does only work in the common language (nl/dutch). When switching to english or other there is an 404 error. For example a product: https://*****.nl/nl/categorieen/1-baseball-1.html When switching to English: https://*****.nl/en/index.php?controller=404 When creating a CMS page, you see a preview of the SEO. When changing to EN, the previewed SEO keeps /nl/ in the URL. But i can add text and images to other translations. The possiblities are there, but not in front. What can i do to fix it? Friendly url is enabled.
  4. Never heard of privacy? Damn, you used my full name on the internet. You've got this information from my order. I really do not like it that you use such private information on a public forum. And by the way, suppliers are still not transfered in the newer version.
  5. Hi Everyone! I bought the MigrationPro module. I thought it was complete, but it isn't. They do not transfer the suppliers. I transfered the suppliers (ps_supplier, ps_supplier_shop and ps_supplier_lang) manually. I think i only need to transfer the pr_product_supplier, and then i am done? The MigrationPro module answered me that they could build it for us, but it cost 100 dollar ­čĄú I am not sure why they leave the supplier-items out of the migration. When you ever need a Migration tool? Please, check if it is a complete module!
  6. For Prestashop 1.7. It is to connect the POS in our store to Prestashop. To import products, categories and the stock. A few times a day, Prestashop 1.7.6 need to connect with the POS, for stock update our new products, we have added in our POS.
  7. Who can build an API or Module for us to communicate with the POS? It's one way traffic. Only from POS - Prestashop, not sending data back to the POS. Send me a PM, i can send you more information.
  8. We have PHP version 5.6, but that is because our old shop is also on that same domain/hosting, and that old shop is 1.6.1. We can choose every PHP version between 5.6 and 7.4. But we can not use it until this new shop is up and running! Yes, cleared cache, no did not put it in debug modus yet.
  9. Thank you for testing this theme out. I love the theme a lot, but i can't use it during the green loading bar. But the theme developer has turned that loading bar off for a short while, and without the green loading bar we can use the shop instantly. Don't what the problem is with the loading bar, but we will buy the theme and keep the loading bar turn off.
  10. I installed through DirectAdmin / Installatron the new Prestashop 1.7.6. I added 2 test products, but did not change preferences. Did not installed any modules etc. But there is an 503 error in the backend. Not in the frontend and not on other places of this domainname / host. When keep refreshing the site, i can get in the backoffice, but after a few clicks / half minute / minutes, again the white page with 503 error. There is nothing strange in the logfiles of Prestashop. GEOlocation is switched off (because when i googled it, there seems problems with it). Any clue what it could be? Thank you!
  11. Thanks! I am gonna check for Wordpress, i have build a few sites with it, but never used Woocommerce. Maybe it is time for that with all that paid modules. Prestashop wasn't anytime 100% good, almost always there was 'something' going on. For example: 1 site does have problems with the voucher code. Sometimes people needs to enter a voucher code, otherwhise there stays an error with the message that it is required of something. And another site does have the problem with the ZIP code..but only a few people, and not on the same device/browser, so it is very hard to remove all the bugs..
  12. I want to install a new Prestashop for our new shop. A year ago i asked about 1.7. Every says: do not update/use 1.7. But, with many updates, i still read: do not update! 1.7 is still full with bugs, and there are no nice updates, only less features. Is that correct? Is 1.7 a problem? Not ready to use it? What kind of features does it delete?
  13. Very old topic, but the only one with a real solution. I am looking for a 1.6 fix. It's okay to update all the combination's stock when a customers bought just one combination. But can't find this, because it is too old: WHERE `id_product` = '.intval($product['id_product']). ($product['id_product_attribute'] ? ' AND `id_product_attribute` = '.intval($product['id_product_attribute']) : '')); I found this: ), 'id_product = '.$this->id.' AND id_product_attribute = '.(int)$id_product_attribute); I know there is a paid solution, 40 USD.. but don't want to spend it for this.
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