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Search Alias - not working PS


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Is there a tutorial how to set up search alias in PS 1.6? 

There's a keyword and page field, so I thought you need to insert what needs to be typed to be redirected to specified page, however it doesnt work like that. It seems to not work at all. No matter what I type into keywords and what page I link, there's no results.

I've even tested fresh PS1.6 installation and same thing happens, there are no results. 

Anybody can explain how to set up search aliases?

Kind regards

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Thank you for your reply.

I have reindexed search. The problem is, I tested it even with clean PS, with simpliest of configurations and it still doesn't work.


Is this how the aliases should be configured? A phrase that customer types into search and the page that he should be redirected to after pressing search right?

Are you able to make aliases work with your store?



Is this how search compatible with aliases should be configured?

Kind regards

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I understand that making aliases work is difficult / nobody is able to show me working configuration.

Would adding redirection with query in url to .htaccess be a viable solution? For example for:

Redirect 301 /search?controller=search&orderby=position&orderway=desc&search_query=my+query&submit_search= http://www.domain.com/pagename.html

Thanks for help in advance.

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