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update - Changed friendly urls and now lost all images.

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Could anyone help, just upgraded our shop to 1.4 and all was ok to start with.

i think enabled friendly urls and regenerated a .htaccess and now all images have gone including shop logo and editorial image?

Have tried to change back to non-friendly urls and regenerate .htaccess and still the same,

Would like to keep our friendly urls as all our links in google etc will still work.

any help is appreciated!


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i have a similar problem when i upgraded to 1.4

i had friendly url's and was working fine. when i upgraded to 1.4 i re generated the htaccess file and thought it was sorted but realised that some pages where giving an error while others where working fine. contact us, sitemap, cart and my account where not loading with friendly urls but the rest of the website was. i had to disable friendly url's for now.

can someone help me sort this issue please?

thanks in advance

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Hi regarding the images this i sorted out by changing the media server details - There was a menu with 3 an optional url for external media servers i left these fields blank and now images are back and fine.

However unable to use with friendly urls have had to switch back to normal cat numbers - only problem is all links are now not going to work in google etc.

For some reason also wheni go into back office i can see its version 1.4 but still says 1.35 or somthing.

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