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  1. Hi all, Pulling my hair out trying to fully disable taxes on Have read all posts i can find, tried all methods i can find in the back office and even tried translations but still you can see this in the images provided. Any help is much appreciated.
  2. Just found this topic and worked great. However i am now trying to increase the size of the phone number on the blockcontactinfos.tpl but there is nothing i can find which will do this? Any help would be great! Thanks
  3. I have been bait tied up last week plan on completing the migration tomorrow of the products urls etc. I will post to let you know how this goes
  4. Seems like upgrading with core changes and modules is going to be next to imposible ;( I have tried cart2cart to import products to a fresh 1.6 install and seems it will be the way to go. Demo transfered some data to test and looks like its not too bad. Will reinstall and migrate the whole store keeping urls etc and should be good to go i hope!
  5. Ok going to try upgrading from 1.4 to 1.5 then to 1.6 maybe? As the site is a few years old i dont want to loose its urls on search engines etc, is there a way to clean install 1.6 and keep urls and also import customer orders and data? failing this i may just get a new theme for the 1.4 and leave it at that if were going to loose everything
  6. Just put error reporting on and the cause of 500 server error is: ps_shop_url' doesn't exist seems like database did not like upgrading?
  7. Hi all, Hope someone can shed abit of light on this for me. I was running version and wanted to upgrade to lastest version, downloaded the latest 1 click installer and it ran and said: Upgrade complete, but warnings has been found. The warnings are SQL Errors this is the first SQL 1286 in CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `ps_order_tax` ( `id_order` int(10) NOT NULL, `tax_name` varchar(40) NOT NULL, `tax_rate` decimal(6,3) NOT NULL, `amount` decimal(20,6) NOT NULL ) ENGINE=_MYSQL_ENGINE_ DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8: SQL 1286 in CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `ps_order_tax` ( `id_order` int(10) NOT NULL, `tax_name` varchar(40) NOT NULL, `tax_rate` decimal(6,3) NOT NULL, `amount` decimal(20,6) NOT NULL ) ENGINE=_MYSQL_ENGINE_ DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8: Unknown table engine '_MYSQL_ENGINE_' '_MYSQL_ENGINE_' is the first looks like the database is missing tables and it cannot add them maybe? lots of these erros for new tables in database maybe? The Database was a backup of the original does it need to have a certain access or anything? I did notice when the backup was added to a fresh database via phpmyadmin it was larger in size compared to original? Just tried to access the shop and im getting 500 Error and not able to login to backoffice, just reloads page have cleared browser settings etc already.
  8. Any News on this module? looks like exactly what im after can anyone confirm it works?
  9. Hi All, Im trying to fingure out how to add a box before check where the user can add if they are using a debit card or credit card and if a credit card needs to add 3% to the order total. Any Ideas on how i can do this? Thanks for any help !!
  10. Hi all, When switching Friendly URL's on i have a few issues: - manufacturers links do not work as they have -01 or simlar before the name and cannot find a way to change this url's - horizontal top bar which links to cms pages also is putting he cms page number infront of the cnm friendly url name - footer links may need to be edited and just a check across all links to make sure the website is fully working. I turned off all friendly urls when changed to 1.4 and has been fine but i need these on for seo purposes. anyone able to do this and how much would you charge? many thanks rik
  11. I would take off that First pop up advertsing window Seeing this would make me wary buying from you - If it was an offer or discount code etc from your site then would be ok but adverts like this are a put off for me. You may earn some commission from these adverts but taking them off will result in more conversions and sales from your site which will make you much more money. Agree with the above regarding the header needs to fit in more with the overall site and not just look like its slapped on.
  12. Seems your website is very slow loading here in the UK took around 5 mins for the home page to load. We have recently upgraded our site to 1.4 and very happy so far and are also in the Business of CCTV check it out below. http://www.thinkcctvsystems.com
  13. finding it very hard also to use the cms info block have tried to add on left right etc but is just not showing anything.
  14. Hi regarding the images this i sorted out by changing the media server details - There was a menu with 3 an optional url for external media servers i left these fields blank and now images are back and fine. However unable to use with friendly urls have had to switch back to normal cat numbers - only problem is all links are now not going to work in google etc. For some reason also wheni go into back office i can see its version 1.4 but still says 1.35 or somthing.
  15. Could anyone help, just upgraded our shop to 1.4 and all was ok to start with. i think enabled friendly urls and regenerated a .htaccess and now all images have gone including shop logo and editorial image? Have tried to change back to non-friendly urls and regenerate .htaccess and still the same, Would like to keep our friendly urls as all our links in google etc will still work. any help is appreciated! cheers Rik
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