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prestashop eCommerce solution can't be reached


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I recently gotten a job at the new vintage platinum and my first task was to familiarize myself with the prestashop eCommerce solution.

I discovered the platform can not be reached. Also, accessing  the cpanel to investigate what the problem is, was a challenge as it can't be reached aswell. 

Any suggestion in solving this problem will be well appreciated.









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You can connect your FTP also with cPanel, if you don't have FTP credentials. Explore the cPanel functions. Activate the debug modus as told by @Rodrigo B Laurindo and read the errors you are having. Read also the server error logs. This you should find as well on cPanel, or FTP folder /error or /log or /errorlog, depending on what your provider configured.

BTW: if i try to connect to your page without https, than I will get an internal server error. Seems that also your SSL certificate for the domain is not valid or nginx directives are not well configured. Contact your provider, if you are not the server admin.

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