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automatically perform tasks when user is logged out for session expiration (ps 1.3.7)


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version: prestashop 1.3.7

hi, I have a custom guest checkout which creates fake customer accounts (as normal registration do, but is hidden for users).
- unregistered user build his own cart
- in the cart summary he goes to checkout
- in the next step he have to fill some required informations like name, address, etc..
- when he clicks on "next", system creates a fake account and the user is logged in with that
- next step is payment...

I would like to perform some delete queries (that affects all the references of this fake account, like in ps_customer, ps_orders, etc..) when this "fake user" is logged out by the expiration of session, in order to automatically delete the account from database when shopping is over.

so, how can I perform some sql tasks when this user closes the browser or session expires? it could be a good solution, instead of have to delete these accounts manually?

thanks, hope someone could give me some advices

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My idea is just set up a cron to delete all the customers that are guests and are older than a day.
this cron can run daily. the guests anyway can't guess the hidden pass and a day it's not a big deal

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yeh could be a good idea I can consider, thank you

but I think it's better to run it when user is logged out for the first time, because my guest checkout system has an "issue":
when prestashop creates the fake account, if user is logged out and tries to re-fill informations before payment (name, address, mail...) system returns an error like "there's already a user registered with that mail address".

so I have to manually delete the account (or remove that control and let create another fake account with same mail address but.. it's not so good)

can I set up a cron like that? I guess I would be able to know if session is expired, then perform delete tasks

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