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  1. Mahones, I didn't find a ticket in my support system with this username but please note the plugin has a tab called support on which you have the details to easily open a support request. In your case I'll need your exact prestashop version, thank you.
  2. you can try to enable debug mode for prestashop and check if you can see the actual error. 500 errors are logged at server error, many times as php_errorlog files or if you have cpanel you also have the web interface for them.
  3. a little strange, however the error indicated clearly it's a WAF issue. I guess you tried with other links as well and still the same issue...
  4. A you said previously regarding the log file it seems that has something to do with your web application firewall. How the image links look like?
  5. hmm, the file is indeed small, you may also research if the hosting has mod security activated.
  6. You can try to duplicate the module with a different name, changing also the main class.
  7. I am sorry but I can't see what the problem was. Can you please explain further what the issue was?
  8. 502 may appear also because a timeout the fcgi script (in your case php) takes too long to execute. So indeed the host can increase the limit if they want or try uploading a smaller csv file
  9. yep, I don't know of such Message class that can be used across the pages
  10. I am not able to check now the code but try Context::getContext()->customer->id
  11. But do you see this enable/disable selection for products? I don't see it for my presta version, can you give me an example please?
  12. I would do it using CSS with a absolute positioned layer that may have also transparency.
  13. if you want to enable or disable the selected modules/addons
  14. You can override the Mail class and in this way you have controll of all the emails that are sent through presta class Mail extends MailCore { public static function Send($id_lang, $template, $subject, $template_vars, $to, $to_name = null, $from = null, $from_name = null, $file_attachment = null, $mode_smtp = null, $template_path = _PS_MAIL_DIR_, $die = false, $id_shop = null) { switch ($template) { // do whatever you wish } } }
  15. You may want to check how controllers do in case of an error ($this->errors[] array) or you can implement your own way saving the data in the context/cookie
  16. you can just sort the messages by "Last message" date by clicking the sorting arrows.
  17. I encountered several things: - check override path - check class name With debug mode turned on you can also modify the cache/class_index file directly having something like this: 'AdminFeaturesController' => array ( 'path' => 'override/controllers/admin/AdminFeaturesController.php', 'type' => 'class', 'override' => true, ), in order to force an override
  18. I understand better now, at least this is what I think: instead of sending voucher code it just sends the name, even that the voucher actually works.. (but client doesn't know the code) I send you a PM with a request
  19. Salut Iulian, raspund aici, pentru ca raspunsul sa fie public. Eroarea de care am dat e cea afisata. Cu ea contacteaza firma de hosting si ei ar trebui sa rezolva problema. Altcineva de aici din forum a avut aceeasi problema: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/295572-image-uploading-undefined-error-402-payment-required/
  20. paypal offers the credit card form after you arrive on his website. The screen paypal offers depends also on the cookie (if you already logged in to paypal, it will offer you the login screen, otherwise the credit card form) to test it, just clean your cookies and try again
  21. You are right, I made a quick check on my server but can't see a reason. From what I remember in your case the voucher are created when customer registers? Or when a cart is left abandoned? Or both?
  22. when I tried with the 41111.1111 credit card it's say: Error detail from AuthorizeAIM : Credit card expiration date is invalid.
  23. yeah, I had a similar problem with my plugin that I solved by: copying the new classes also to my module subfolder (not only in classes) Renaming the class name from myclass to myclassCore So it may be because of an incompatible plugin to presta 1.5. not all presta 1.4 plugins are good for 1.5
  24. what other plugins do you have installed that are not part of presta initial install?
  25. hmm, I'm out of ideas. Have you tried to disable the cache from performance section of you have it enabled?
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