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Installed Modules Section not visible in Prestashop 1.7

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The section of Installed Modules is missing. I cannot see which modules have bee installed. Offcourse there are modules which have been installed.

Also, if I try to search for any module and click on configure, it redirects me to this page.

What could be the possible error?

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9 hours ago, NPO said:


What module did you install (did it install as it should)?

Did you clean cache manually (/var/cache)?

Can you uninstall that module to see if things return to normal?

thx for your reply.
none of the above. Nothing.... It was a module to correct descripton on list of products issue because of language.
Don't knnow if this is somethig that is saved on DB..... But i don't want to reinstall so i guess I have to get used to this

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