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Prestashop site without sales functionality


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I have found out about PrestaShop today, so I am completely new, and before committing to it I wanted to find out if it is worth it to invest significant amount of time and money into it.

Our company is trading with industrial scale machines but we don't intend to sell them straight away on the website, nor to post prices for machines on the site. What we do need is the advanced functionality of categories and search and filter options I see that is possible with prestashop (in contrast to WordPress that we have used until now).
Can someone more experienced in PrestaShop give their opinion on this and tell me if it is possible to create a site like this with PrestaShop with relative ease? I am asking because up to now I have seen only themes that are (understandbly so) based on the immediate online sale of items.

We need a way to be able to upload new machines quickly and efficiently (with images and videos), translations of all content, faceted filtering, custom attributes and features and a way to custom display these, all with a drag and drop builder or similar.

Thanks in advance!

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Sure you can do it, actually Prestashop is quite often used for stuff like this.

With one option in the back office you switch it to "Catalog mode" and there you have it - a nice catalog with filters etc. but no immediate sales functionality.

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