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  1. Tam było to globalne na cały sklep, żeby było zależne od kategorii to musiałby być cały kombajn do zarządzania tym.
  2. Moduł w podstawowej wersji pracuje na jednej cesze, ale robiłem tego typu rozbudowę dla jednego ze sklepów jubilerskich, gdzie właśnie działało to na dwóch cechach, to było jednak parę lat temu i już nie pamiętam jaki to był sklep
  3. Yes, because there are no positions for tags. It's only a simple relation: product ID - tag ID.
  4. No, it makes no sense because the products in search results may be from many different categories.
  5. Long backup process is often caused by the following factors: - large number of images, but images rather don't need to be backed up, risk of loosing the images is quite low, so this option ca be safely turned off in the upgrade module - some additional non-prestashop subfolder inside shop's main folder, sometimes some other software is installed in a subfolder, it's better to put it in a subdomain - large database, it can be bloated by statistics, if the shop has many visitors, there can be millions of rows, that are not much needed any more I recommend using the Tidy module before the upgrade to clean up the database, I had cases where the backup took a minute, when it was more than half an hour before the cleanup.
  6. Ale że materiały są kombinacjami, a kolory kierują do innych produktów, które następnie również mają materiały jako kombinacje?
  7. The longer you wait, the harder the upgrade will be in the future, better keep your store up to date.
  8. So you need a tag cloud module or solution that will display tag links with &tag parameter, like it was in Prestashop 1.6.
  9. I just checked in on clean and and all working fine. Make sure you have "tag" parameter in the URL, like: ?controller=search&tag=mytag
  10. Check out the module for additional category description: You can create additional fields for manufacturers the same way, without messing with twig templates or making overrides.
  11. Check out this example here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/61327758/adding-a-company-field-to-to-the-customer-grid-in-backoffice
  12. How exactly do you have that CustomerID done? Cause as i remember, Prestashop does not have such a field by default.
  13. Good day, it's not that easy, as it requires a module with specific hooks. And the dev docs examples are a bit incomplete. Which fields would you like to add there?
  14. I just updated the module with the preview function. So now it's much safer to perform each of the tasks
  15. Przyjrzałem się trochę tym pobraniom i nie jest to takie proste jak z paczkomatami weekendowymi, czyli nie wystarczy dodać kuriera, bo wybór zwykłego paczkomatu (nie pobraniowego) może się ustawić również w pobraniowym, a to by nie było za dobre. Więc to raczej większe zagadnienie żeby zrobić te pobrania poprawnie.
  16. I think making such a preview is a very good idea, something to consider for the next update of the module. Regarding the newsletter - how do you distinguish spam from non-spam there?
  17. The best solution would be to hire a technical person, who can prepare a script for you, that is able to read your file and produce correct CSV files out of it.
  18. I don't think it's a good idea. It's better to take your CSV file, preprocess it into two CSV files, one with "main" products and another one with combinations and then import those files to the shop.
  19. Skasować zawartość folderu var/cache
  20. Dzięki za informację W wolnej chwili się temu przyjrzę.
  21. Nie może być ukośników w rewrite, struktura linku do kategorii jest ustawiana w preferencjach SEO.
  22. What is missing? A supplier is not a very frontend feature.
  23. I think suppliers are present in 1.7 in the same way as in 1.6.
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