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Dropdown Menus & Auto Adding CMS Pages - HELP ASAP PLEASE


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Hi everyone, I need a bit of help with wondering if some certain functionality is included in Prestashop and / or how it can be done. Here goes:

Banner images:
Ok so the idea is we want to have rotating banner images on the homepage of the online shop. It will be images which auto-rotate through the sequence of images. We already know that technically we can implement this with jQuery using jCarousel, but this is where the problem lies:
We want the client to be able to add images and text for the images automatically to the backend using the prestashop admin interface. Can this be done and how? For example can it work like WordPress Custom Post Types etc.????

Main menu dropdowns:
The idea here is that our main navigation menu will have items which could be CMS pages, categories etc. Can we auto add these through prestashop? We again will be implementing this with jQuery BUT we don't want to have to manually add page items to the menu code each time we add them in the admin facility. Is this possible via prestashop shortcodes etc.????


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