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Wrong ID_lang loaded by product editor


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I have a problem and I am having trouble finding a correct to fix it. 

When I set up my shop, it was installed with English language (id_lang="1". I added Danish language (id_lang="2") and deleted the English language from Backoffice. However, all the Id_lang="1" entries are not gone from the database. 

Now, when I add a new product attribute, it is added in the database as id_lang="2", BUT the Product Editor speaks the wrong language and looks for attributes of  id_lang="1".   So, I cannot add new combinations as the new attributes do not appear in the product editor. 

When I go to phpmyadmin and check tables 'ps_attribute_lang' and 'ps_attribute_groups_lang', the new attributes are only saved as 'id_lang*="2". If I make a copy with 'id_lang'="1", then the new attributes become visible in the Product Editor.  


I'm running Prestashop


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