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WYSIWYG editor disappeared on mac


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I have a problem with the WYSIWYG text editor of my prestashop 1.6. Indeed this one is present and works correctly on Windows but when I test on a Mac Os, it replaces the WYSIWYG by my text framed by HTML tag.

After watching what happens in my console I realize that it returns the following error:  See Attachment

I'm talking about the following line: Fail to load resource: net: ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED

I try to update through the site TinyMCE to put the latest version but no it does not change anything. I regenerate the .htaccess file of the site but nothing either. If someone with an idea and an early solution or solution I am interested.


Thank you in advance.


(Sorry for my English)

Capture d’écran 2018-09-24 à 10.50.22.png

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The most common cause that TinyMce doesn't load is when some Javascript error happened before it was called. 

If that isn't the case I would suspect something has gone wrong with the TinyMce files. Maybe you accidentally moved or deleted some file. Anyway: do not upgrade TinyMce!!! This version has been tested with Prestashop and when you install another version all bets are off. Instead you should copy the files from a fresh Prestashop installation of the same version.

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