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Product return, Voucher & Credit Slip

ANGELO Vintage

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We have a problem when a order that was sold with a 10% voucher is returned back from a customer.


For example: https://gyazo.com/5c1759239e87ef204a0b8095734b7a3f

When a customer retunr the first Article code: A0326 that cost 35,00€ there is no way to choose to discount the origianl price of 10% (voucher)

The voucher totalis the 10% of all total order so if we specify to discount the price of 10% voucher the result is: https://gyazo.com/d46770f91cbfbd4fc7ef08884e29fe9b


that is wrong.


The system must apply a discount of 10% to 35€ ( 3,50€) only and not the total 10% order discount of 12,90€

There is way to create a credit slip correct?



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