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  1. Hi everyone, I don't found a module for my need, and I would like make a custom modify. I don't know how to do, please anyone can help me, I do a discounts with voucher on cart rules. I make vouchers with percentage discount for some products, for X minimal total cart value. Example: Product A cost € 10, I make a voucher for Product A with 10% of discount, if minimum cart value is € 30. I need to show this voucher rules to customers, on product page and product tabs. I need to show: -"voucher description field" where i have writed 'If you spend €30 ' -"price product discounted" applicated with voucher I attach 2 images of my idea. I hope someone can help me, because I don't know how to show my voucher discounts to customers. Thanks
  2. How do I limit a cart rule to the number of customer's orders? In other words, how do I create a voucher code for customers who have no orders yet? I am thinking like this: 1. create a module which adds a check mark to cart rule form with the title of "usable for first orders only" 2. find a hook in the code where the addition of cart rule to the cart happens 3. check the number of orders and validate if this cart rule can be applied or not Do you have any ideas?
  3. Good morning, I'm having trouble showing the amount discounted on each product after using a discount code / voucher in the checkout of my store, i've been checking and dumping $vouchers , $subtotals, $product, $totals and have got no luck with it.
  4. Hello, I'm using Prestashop I am trying to display the minimum amount to reach in the cart to benefit from a voucher code. By default, when you indicate a promo code, the following text is displayed "Your order does not reach the amount...". Is there a smarty variable that displays the minimum amount required? Thank you.
  5. Hey devs, Is there is any way to get CartRule (voucher) restrictions listed in PHP? I wan't to see for example for which manufacturers code is available or maybe for which categories it is active only. How to get this informations in PHP? I tried with CartRule::getCartsRuleByCode('CODE') but it just gives me a simple informations about voucher. How about this list of selected ie: manufacturers? Maybe some SQL query?
  6. Does anyone have any ideas of how to display available vouchers on product.tpl? To be more specific, only show vouchers that are available for this specific product or the category its in. I'm thinking something of the line of: {if $voucherAvailable} {foreach from=$displayVouchers item=voucher} <p>Take use of this voucher and save {$voucherValue} - {$voucherCode}</p> {/foreach} {/if} The reason for this is that I don't want to show the reduced price unless you visit the product page. Would love some help with this, thanks in advance! Edit: I'm using PS
  7. Hi! I'm having a problem with PS that is making me totally messed up! Everything worked fine until I enabled a voucher. If a voucher is enabled (doesn't matter if it's for free shipping or discounted price) I get the message that no carrier is available for the payment method. And the weird thing is that it's intermittent!! Can't figure out what's causing the problem. I have a customer group that I want to give 30% discount on everything in the shop, except shipping. Everything is set up correctly and is working with payment "klarna" until I activate the voucher that gives the customer 30% off. Just by enabling the voucher in the BO is enough, don't need to provide it in checkout for the problem to appear.. Please, any help would be highly appreciated! Tell me if you need any code or other screenshots to be able to help me! (Sorry, but only have screens in Swedish)
  8. Hi! I downloaded and installed the module "Prestashop Unique voucher for newsletter signup" but i have some problem If i register a new user from the registration form, it works But if i use the ps_emailsubscription module it doesen't work beacuse after the 2.6.0 update the module uses ajax method and the unique voucher module doesen't Does someone know how to fix this problem ? Thanks
  9. We have a problem when a order that was sold with a 10% voucher is returned back from a customer. For example: https://gyazo.com/5c1759239e87ef204a0b8095734b7a3f When a customer retunr the first Article code: A0326 that cost 35,00€ there is no way to choose to discount the origianl price of 10% (voucher) The voucher totalis the 10% of all total order so if we specify to discount the price of 10% voucher the result is: https://gyazo.com/d46770f91cbfbd4fc7ef08884e29fe9b that is wrong. The system must apply a discount of 10% to 35€ ( 3,50€) only and not the total 10% order discount of 12,90€ There is way to create a credit slip correct? Thanks
  10. Hey there, Here's the issue i'm facing. In the atteched screenshot you can see that when selecting the percentage discount action a *selected products* option exists. However this option does not exist for when you want to apply a discount via an amount. Meaning that when i have a voucher of $100 restricted to category A. My order with a product from category A ($20) and a product from category B ($30) both will get covered by this voucher. So my voucher of $100 will cover the total order amount of $50. This is bad and wrong. This voucher should only cover $20. How can I possibly achieve this? I'm growing more and more frustrated with all these shortcomings of PrestaShop. So much custom development is needed for features which you'd expect to work in an ecommerce cms. The customer can choose on which products the discount should be applied. Only available for the "Percent (%)" option. Why does this option not exist for the amount option in the action tab
  11. Hi, I can't find how to translate messages related to voucher usage, like "You cannot use this voucher on products on sale" Where could i find it?
  12. Ciao a tutti, ho un problema con l'utilizzo della gift card attivando la modalità uso parziale (modulo terzo). Quando un cliente effettua un acquisto di un importo inferiore al taglio della gift card, utilizzando il codice ricevuto, viene generato un voucher della rimanenza con un importo errato, in quanto viene scalata la spedizione. Setup e dati: Spedizione inclusa nella gift card Gift Card 200€ Acquisto prodotti 150€ Spedizione 10€ Il Voucher della rimanenza risulta 40€ invece di 50€ Gli sviluppatore del modulo terzo indicano un problema di PrestaShop nella creazione dei voucher. Mentre con spedizione esclusa dalla gift card, viene generato correttamente il voucher. Quale problema potrebbe essere? Grazie mille
  13. Salve a tutti! Nel mio e-shop vendo tra gli altri anche alcuni marchi che, per precedenti accordi commerciali, non posso vendere al di sotto del loro prezzo di listino. Quindi per i prodotti di questi brand non dovrebbe essere mai applicabile uno sconto. Tutto facile con le Regole Catalogo Prezzi, ma per quanto riguarda le Regole Carrello non riesco a trovare un modo per escludere quei brand dagli sconti applicati con i coupon. L'unica cosa che riesco a fare è escludere dal coupon i carrelli contenenti solo prodotti di quei brand da escludere, inserendo come condizioni che deve essere presente almeno un prodotto di un altro marchio per cui è permesso lo sconto (vedi screenshot allegato). Ma ciò non è certo abbastanza, se ho un carrello con 9 prodotti di quei marchi da escludere dello sconto e anche solo 1 di quelli permessi lo sconto viene applicato a tutto. Come posso risolvere? Esiste qualche modulo che fa al caso mio? O c'è qualche impostazione nativa di PS che mi sfugge? Grazie mille per il supporto. Versione PS in uso
  14. Buona sera, mi trovo in difficoltà nella gestione dei nuovi clienti che si iscrivono alla newsletter in fase di creazione di un nuovo account. Spuntando il flag "iscriviti alla newsletter" nel form di registrazione utente, il cliente viene correttamente inserito nella lista di coloro che si sono iscritti alla newsletter (nel B.O.) ma non riceve alcuna mail di avvenuta iscrizione alla newsletter con il voucher che ho creato per i nuovi iscritti alla newsletter, riceve solo la conferma di iscrizione come nuovo utente. Se invece l'utente si iscrive alla newsletter utilizzando il blocco newsletter riceve correttamente il "voucher di benvenuto". Pshop 1.7.3 Qualcuno può aiutarmi a trovare una soluzione? Grazie per la disponibilità
  15. Hello dear community, as far as i know there is no way to pay the shipping costs with a voucher in PrestaShop out of the box. For example: total of products is 10$, shipping costs 5$ and my voucher is 20$. In this case i would like the total value to be 0$ and create a new voucher with the remaining value of 5$. Could anybody give me a hint which function i would have to edit in order to get this to work? Thanks in advance!
  16. Hi can you help me, voucher code not multiplying to product quantity how to solve this
  17. Good morning, I've created many delivery methods in the store. Each has price rules related to the weight of the products. My problem is that I anticipate free delivery from a certain threshold and implement it using an automatic coupon. Some shippings are not included in the free delivery, so I created a filter in the Coupon Terms that excludes selected carriers from the promotion. The problem is that the coupon does not add automatically if the Selected carriers filter is enabled. For testing, I added the code to the coupon and received the information "You must select a carrier before you apply this coupon to your order", while the choice of carrier is on the payment page. So I thought the problem is that no provider is selected by default. I set one of the couriers included in the free delivery as the default form of delivery, but there is same problem. Coupon applies correctly if I go to checkout page, select carrier and come to cart. Please help Regards
  18. Hi there. I am using Prestashop 1.6 and I want a way for some customers to be able to access a specific category which is hidden to everyone else. I am thinking about a voucher because I need an expiration date. So I would like to create a voucher that would allow acces to a new category. Any idea ? Thanks!
  19. Ciao a tutti! Ho un problema con l'applicazione del buono sconto (Prestashop vers. 1.7): quando creo la "Regola Carrello" impostando che questo buono non è valido per i prodotti già scontati. Ma nel momento in cui nel carrello inserisco un prodotto scontato e un prodotto a prezzo pieno mi applica il buono ad entrambi i prodotti, mentre vorrei che applicasse quella percentuale di sconto solamente a quello con il prezzo pieno. Qualcuno ha per caso trovato un rimedio a questa soluzione?
  20. Prestashop Module Shop Reviews + Avatars and Rich Snippets from a satisfied customer is the most persuasive means that you have at your disposal to convince a customer that you are legitimate and that you have a track record for success. A website is an online business card and it is astounding how many businesses are not utilizing testimonials to promote their business. The use of testimonials is even more important with the wide-spread use of search engines as the primary vehicle to find your business on the internet. Search Engines use words to rank sites and organizations. The more relevant content you have online, the higher you are ranked. Testimonial Module is a help the store owner to display the valuable testimonials of people. We often get feedback from customers who have bought a valuation from our website. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - Compliant with PrestaShop’s Official GDPR Compliance Module Features: - Compatible with RESPONSIVE themes - SEO Optimized ( SEO url rewriting ) - Created Admin Tabs in BackOffice ( Moderate Testimonials ) - Multilingual & Multishop - Caching for Hooks with module content (Improve speed of your site) - 66 display effects for Shop Reviews (Testimonials) (WOW script effects) - OWL carousels for blocks "Testimonials" - Possibility on the frontend filter reviews by rating - Possibility on the frontend search review - Add option Verified review (show when customer already something bought in shop) - Enable or Disable Filter by ratings functional for Testimonials - Google Rich Snippets for Testimonials - Upload Avatar - Admin can change Testimonials block background color - Admin can send response on the testimonial message - Admin can Enable or Disable MULTILANGUAGE. Separates different languages comments depended on the language selected by the customer (e.g. only English comments on the English site) - Testimonials in the My account section - Module Testimonials, uses Web 2.0 design - User can view Testimonials - Display of Testimonial in block section - Link to view all Testimonial - Link to submit Testimonial - All functions are based on Ajax - Admin can edit the Testimonial - Admin can delete the Testimonial - Admin can set status the Testimonial - E-mail notification when the new testimonial was submitted - Support CAPTCHA - Support RSS Feed - Support rating stars Configuration: - Admin can set the number of items in the "TestImonials Block" - Admin can set testimonials per Page - Enable/Disable Captcha on submit form - Enable/Disable Web address on submit form - Enable/Disable Company on submit form - Enable/Disable Address on submit form - Enable/Disable Country field on submit form - Enable/Disable City field on submit form - Enable/Disable: E-mail notification - Admin can Enable or Disable RSS Feed - Admin can set Number of items in RSS Feed (default - 10) - Edit all emails subjects in module settings - Enable/Disable Avatar in module settings - Edit/Upload Avatar , when admin edit shop review - Add Who can add review? - (Only registered users; Only users who already something bought in shop; All users) - CSV Import/Export shop reviews - Add google snippets for title of all blocks. Snippets based on the http://schema.org/corporation Blocks: - Testimonals Block ( Left column, Right column, Footer, Home, Right Side, Left Side ) SEND A REVIEW REMINDER EMAIL TO CUSTOMERS: - Enable or Disable notifications for each emails - You can choose to send your customers an automatic email reminder to invite them to rate the shop they have ordered a few days after their purchase - Admin can import old orders for customer reminder - Admin can select status for order. Only orders with selected status will be send by email for customer reminder - Statistics for Customer reminder - Filter by date for Customer reminder statistics - Possibility send manually emails to customers in module settings for customer reminder - Possibility send email to customer a second time for customer reminder FEATURES VOUCHER SETTINGS: - When a user add store review - he gets a discount! - Admin can Enable or Disable Voucher - Admin can set Voucher Description ( Multilanguage ) - Admin can set Voucher Code ( It must be at least 3 letters long ) - Admin can choose Discount Type: Currency or Percentages (default Currency) - Admin can choose Minimum checkout - Admin can select the category for which the coupon is valid - Admin can set Term of validity Voucher - Admin can choose Cumulative with others vouchers - Admin can choose Cumulative with price reductions - Admin can choose Tax (Tax Included or Tax Excluded) - Admin can select Customers Groups in the Voucher settings. Voucher will be displayed only for selected Customers Groups Prestashop module: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/product.php?id_product=42284 Live Demo FrontOffice: https://demostoreprestashop.com/demo/blockshopreviews/en/testimonials Live Demo BackOffice: https://demostoreprestashop.com/demo/blockshopreviews/admin1/
  21. Module guarantees: - Help installation including: There is a detailed user guide with examples even for tiny addons. - Constant updates: Careful in-house testing ensures you get robust applications. Multiple stores support. Custom themes compatibility. All included. - Usability and performance: Nice and easy to use interfaces. Fast algorithms. Save your time and get things done. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - Compliant with PrestaShop’s Official GDPR Compliance Module Prestashop module Facebook Connect, Like, Share, Widget, Comments (5 in 1) The module combines almost all available plugins from Facebook: - Facebook Connect - Facebook Like Button - Facebook Share Button - Facebook Widget - Facebook Comments Now do not try to collect all the plugins separately together. You have the option to install in one step once all the available plugins from Facebook! FEATURES: - connect with Facebook - Facebook Share Link at Order Confirm Page - Admin can select default customer group - Admin can change/edit Text before logins - Admin can choose Position Text before logins - Admin can enable/disable information block on the account page - Admin can change/edit Text in the information block on the account page - Admin can choose Position for ALL social Connects (Top, Right Column, Left Column, Footer, Before Authentication page, After Authentication page, Near with text Welcome) - Admin can choose Redirect customer after registration (Redirect to My Account page, Just reload page) - Admin can choose Position for ALL social Connects (Top, Right Column, Left Column, Footer, Authentication page, Near with text Welcome, Custom Hook) - Custom Hook (You just need to add a line of code to the tpl file of the page where you want to add the login buttons ) - Admin can change/upload BIG IMAGE for ALL Connects - Admin can change/upload MEDIUM IMAGE for ALL Connects - Admin can change/upload SMALL IMAGE for ALL Connects - Admin can change/upload VERY SMALL IMAGE for ALL Connects - Admin can select BOOTSTRAP BIG BUTTON for ALL Connects - Admin can select BOOTSTRAP MEDIUM BUTTON for ALL Connects - Admin can select BOOTSTRAP SMALL BUTTON for ALL Connects - Admin can select BOOTSTRAP VERY SMALL BUTTON for ALL Connects - Admin can choose for each position own connect image logo - Enable or Disable notifications for each emails - API gives the following data: FirstName, LastName, Gender, Email, Birthday - Support SEO URL Rewrite - Compatible with SSL, if SSL enabled on your server - Support MultiLanguage - Support MultiStore - Works with All Prestashop themes - Compatible with RESPONSIVE themes. This means that product tabs will be showing correctly on all devices (PC, Tablets, Mobile) - Compatible with Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Opera.. - 100% Bootstrap FrontEnd / BackEnd Module - does not require core modifications CUSTOM HOOK : You can place "facebook connect", "facebook share button", "facebook like button", "facebook widget", "facebook comments" on a single page (CMS or blog for example) STATISTICS OF REGISTERED CUSTOMERS IN ADMIN PANEL: - Admin can view Statistics customers registered through "Login with Facebook" in admin panel - Pagination Statistics options for back-office - Admin can search customer in customers registered through "Login with Facebook" in admin panel - Add Statistics Tab in admin panel - Add sort field "Social Connect" in admin panel in the section all Customers ORDER PROCESS: - Users who login via "Login with Facebook" Connect and already registered in our shop will redirect to the order process instead of the my-account page - That considerably reducing cart abandonment. FOR ALREADY EXISTING CUSTOMER ASSOCIATE OWN PRESTASHOP ACCOUNT WITH OWN SOCIAL PROFILE: - If customers already signed in their social account, System will automatically use the information from their social account to log in. FEATURES VOUCHER SETTINGS: - When a user create account with social login - he gets a discount! - Admin can Enable or Disable Voucher - Admin can set Voucher Description ( Multilanguage ) - Admin can set Voucher Code ( It must be at least 3 letters long ) - Admin can choose Discount Type: Currency or Percentages (default Currency) - Admin can choose Minimum checkout - Admin can select the category for which the coupon is valid - Admin can set Term of validity Voucher - Admin can choose Cumulative with others vouchers - Admin can choose Cumulative with price reductions - Admin can choose Tax (Tax Included or Tax Excluded) - Admin can select Customers Groups in the Voucher settings. Voucher will be displayed only for selected Customers Groups OTHER FEATURES: - Responsive Social Login module (Hot) - Social Login is 100% open-source - Easy to install and configure - User-friendly interface CONFIGURE SOCIAL CONNECTS API: - Two ways to configure for social API - Understandable and detailed description of the settings for each social API with screenshots Module: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/product.php?id_product=42451 Demo FrontOffice: https://demostoreprestashop.com/demo/fbfiveinone/en/summer-dresses/6-31-printed-summer-dress.html Demo BackOffice: https://demostoreprestashop.com/demo/fbfiveinone/admin1/
  22. Hi Friends, I have a problem in my store. I added 100 different vouchers which is valid for one user. But the users started combining the vouchers which old vouchers and i face a critical situation as it will make loss for my side. I tried changing all vouchers to uncombined while creating a voucher. But is there a default way that i can have all the vouchers as uncombined in default? Basically I don't want my Customers to use more than one Voucher in a single Order. Thanks in Advance, Gowtham.
  23. Dzień dobry Panie... panowie... :-) Czy mi ktoś podpowie jak wyświetlić listę kodów rabatowych (ta lista co pojawia się w koszyku) na innej stronie niż koszyk. Np na home lub gdziekolwiek indziej... Pomocy! :-)
  24. Hello everyone, My shop is running on Prestashop I wish the shipping costs are calculated taking into account the voucher codes. Shipping costs are offered from $50. For example, if a customer applies a voucher code of -10% on a cart of $50, then the shipping costs should be calculated.
  25. Olá, Fiz um desconto de 10% em uma loja na opção: "Regras de Preços do Catálogo", funcinou certinho. Porém agora preciso criar um voucher de desconto com valor fixo, para ser aplicado no carrinho, porém preciso que seja feito o desconto em cima do preço cheio, e não no preço com os 10% de desconto que foi aplicado acima. Teria como? Resumindo: ao jogar um voucher, ele anule os descontos anteriores, e fique somente valendo o valor do voucher.
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