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Where i can find unminified classic theme.js?

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Because un-minifyed JS is still not humanly readable and stripped from all comments and stuff.

Here is un-minifyed example:

function (t) {
    function e(i) {
        if (n[i]) return n[i].exports;
        var r = n[i] = {
            i: i,
            l: !1,
            exports: {}
        return t[i].call(r.exports, r, r.exports, e), r.l = !0, r.exports
    var n = {};
    e.m = t, e.c = n, e.i = function (t) {
        return t
    }, e.d = function (t, n, i) {
        e.o(t, n) || Object.defineProperty(t, n, {
            configurable: !1,
            enumerable: !0,
            get: i


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Hello Guys
I need unminified version of theme.js of standard classic theme and unminified version of core.js of theme folder
1) unminified themes/classic/assets/js/theme.js
2) unminified themes/core.js
my prestashop version is

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