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  1. It'll be difficult as you probably are not a developer. Basically there are two approaches, replacing those calls with 1. Either initializing the class having those methods like $x = new Class_with_methods then calling each method $x->a_method, or 2. Copy the content of those methods into new local methods and calling them directly but if they have dependencies you'll have to implement them too. Maybe the better way would be to contact that extension developers and ask for help or if it is a free one submit your question on their forum.
  2. As far as I know PHP7.4 will be supported starting with PS1.7.8 only not 1.7.7+.
  3. Try to manually delete var/cache from within PS root directory and check your overrides maybe you left one there.
  4. What is the max_memory_limit on your server and what memory reports Advanced Preferences->Performance? Judging from the screenshot you don't have enough memory available.
  5. I am sorry, it wouldn't work this way, it is a bit more complex than copy/paste. I encourage you to read this https://devdocs.prestashop.com/1.7/modules/ . For a pointer of how to update a product quantity, something like this: StockAvailable ::setQuantity($product -> id, 0, $new_qty); where of course you previously initialize a product with $product = new Product($id_product); and you know this $id_product from your query.
  6. I recommend you study the official docs regarding the module creation. First of all you shouldn't alter the PS tables, create a new table for your module and link it with product_id for instance to other tables. Then do not use SQL queries to change quantities, use PS classes e.g. StockManager.
  7. Then unless you find a module that does this uninstalling thing which I doubt you will there is no other way other than doing it yourself manually.
  8. Install this https://github.com/nenes25/prestashop_console and do a cron job with the command to disable a module.
  9. Glad it worked! Please edit your first post and add [SOLVED] in front of the title so other people with the same issue might find easier the solution.
  10. It is clearly a permission issue with your var/cache directory. You need to set the recursive ownership of the var/cache to the same user the web server is running (as it is for the other PS files) and the permissions on var/cache to 0755 for directories and 0644 for files, recursive.
  11. won't work like this, you need to add it through using a hook e.g. displayShoppingCartFooter, there you can insert your tpl; or create your own hook which you;ll have to add into the theme's tpl.
  12. Pretty obvious, the module lgcomments calls a method that doesn't exist in the ModuleFrontController.
  13. @w3bsolutions yep, I was writing on several things and mistyped js for css ­čÖé
  14. themes/assets/css/custom.css (if missing, add it) then add a condition to check for that page specific body class and within, your code.
  15. Edit by FTP the PS_ROOT/config/defines.inc.php and set the Debug on by changing the false to true like this here, define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', true); then observe the error messages.
  16. change the /home/hg22ow4m/public_html/override/classes/Cart.php [2048] Declaration of Cart::checkQuantities() to /home/hg22ow4m/public_html/override/classes/Cart.php [2048] Declaration of Cart::checkQuantities($return_product = false)
  17. "composer require symfony/dotenv" or "composer update" are to be run in the terminal while in the module's directory not in code.
  18. composer require symfony/dotenv
  19. And replace PHP7.4 with 7.3 since PS1.7.7+ is not yet compatible with 7.4.
  20. What if you remove the var/cache completely (from within the PS+ROOT install)?
  21. Enable Debug on Advanced Preferences -> Performance then on the shop page open the browser's Developer Tools->Elements.
  22. You're welcome! Please edit your first post and add [SOLVED] before the title starts so other people can find this id they run into similar problems. As for the other question you'll have to create a new post, this is the forum rule, to keep a single issue per post otherwise it gets confusing. A single pointer though, your blog should be hooked to right column instead of the left column and the right column enabled in your theme.
  23. You don't seem to pay attention to what you're reading... DO NOT copy theme.css to custom css.. if you already modified the theme.css and the theme_rlt.css in your theme just replace them with the originals from the PS package to restore everything as it was. THEN, add whatever css changes you want to custom.css only (which is empty by default when you install your theme); if you don't have an assets/css/custom.css just create it.
  24. the default PS css code is in theme.css, restore this one and to custom.css only your changes.
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