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Logo giving problems with SSL


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Hi i'm sorry if this has been posted before..... I read some post on here with similar problems
but did'nt want to upset anything else trying to fix my problem, I hope you don't mind me posting this.

The logo on my site is giving problems in SSL

the warning is saying something about "do you want to view secure content that was delivered securely"

How can I fix this??

Thanks Paul

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Try adding an S to the http path of the image. So it looks like this https:// if the S is already there make sure the full path of the image is listed httpswww.yourdomain.com/image/yourimage.jpg

If your imageg is comming from a module you can also exclude that module on https pages such as order.php or authentication.php and it will be blocked from that page

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It you can t get the Logo on your site or you have some problem or error on it so please go for the Path first.Check it out that the full path of your Image is in the proper way or not,Again do the same and see what happens.

Hi logo uploaded fine and is on my site I get a security error when going through the payment process and the error looks to be from the logo,

What file/module would I need to look through to fine the path for image where I would add the s to http

thanks Paul
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This sounds just like what i delt with a few days ago! How do you know that its the logo causing the error? Chances are its a module that is triggering this. I would start by going through every module you installed that didn't come with the prestashop download. disable it and then go see if you still get the error if you do leave it disabled and move on to the next. Untill you find whats causing the error. Also scripts can cause this sort of thing too. Have you added any custom javascript? If you provide a link i'll look too. Once you know whats causing the issue you can then exclude it in the back office or edit file so it doesn't trigger the pop-up warning message.

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