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SSL and HTTP to HTTP redirects


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Hi guys,


I sincerely hope that you can point me in the right direction. I am running prestashop and have recently changed to SSL. I have enabled force SSL on all pages in the back office, and it works well, all pages shows as hppts. I have enabled that www version is always to be used as well.

However I have some issues with our google listings and placements, that I suspect may be from a confusing redirect.

if I call the site example.com it has the following route:





In this case it first forces https on the page then goes back to http and put the www on, and then back to https ?!

I am sure that has to do with the url setting in prestashop. The domain i specified as www.example.com in the section shop url and it also shows that the final url will be http://www.example.com, not https and that I cannot change.

Where do I have the possibility to skip the redirect back to http?

Also if i call a specific address, e.g. https://www.example.com it takes me back to http://www.example.com and then to https://www.example.com again :)

I am suspecting this is done in the htaccess file. It has the http_host, not sure if that should be different ?

Hope you can help.

Thans and best regards Brian


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Just for anyone to have any use of this, I figured out what was wrong. It was a language/currency detection module that took the site back to http:

I just disabled the module, so will need to live without :)


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