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Cart Rules doesn't display in customer


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I just find a bug with the cart rules.
They doesn't display in the customer profile.

The date_from and date_to is before and beyond today, but the function haveCartRuleToday from CartRule used in getCustomerCartRule (called from the discount controller) just check if date_to and date_form is on the day !
If the date_from is before today and date_to is beyond today, they doesn't display !

I 've override haveCartRuleToday for now changing the verification by date_from before the day and date_to after the day and it's work .

But I don't know if the haveCartRuleToday isn't use in other part of prestashop for checking cart rule who really need to be today.

So I'm writing here to signal you the problem and asking you if this fix will temporary be okay pending the bug correction ?


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