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from local to server -- global.css? problem?


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I found this incident, don't know what to say.
In local, it was fine. I checked with iexplorer, chrome, firefox.
But, show the quite similarity of all.

However, after the whole things are moved to the server -
All the top part of various, userinfo, search are dislocated.
How I am going to debug? I don't know.
because in the localhost, it is perfectly fine -
Everything is fine -
but only in the server -

I copied all the block in the top part, block by block -
But still -
Is it only me or happen to others?

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I am asking you again to take a look at order of modules in Back Office >> Modules >> Positions.

So even with the same css file if they are ordered different it would look different.

And you use margin top for few elements with negative value that coud cause problems to some browsers.

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Giving you the confirmation - it is identical BO > module> position.
even the order is identical. You are right, I used negative value because I didn't find any other way.
I will email you global.css

I sent two css. One is at local and the one is I changed after moving to server.
(1) global_local.css
(2) global_newAfterServer.css

All the best for all the users -

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