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Add multiple items with one "Add to Cart" button.


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Have you change code like in posts #5 and #9

in the module blockcart, file ajax-cart.js
ajaxCart.add(idProduct, null, false, this);

Replace with

ajaxCart.add(idProduct, null, false, this, $('#quantity_wanted_'+idProduct).val()); 

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I tried those changes, they don't work. To be clear, what I am trying to do is, replace this:

Product A -- Quantity a [Add to cart]
Product B -- Quantity b [Add to cart]
Product C -- Quantity c [Add to cart]


Product A -- Quantity a
Product B -- Quantity b
Product C -- Quantity c

[Add to cart]

I will have to create an "Add to Cart" button outside the foreach loop, and on clicking it somehow add the quantities from the text boxes above into the cart...


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I tried with some jQuery to emulate clicks on Add to cart buttons but that didn't worked correctly.
It adds one product quantity OK but for other sometimes double and sometimes random, do not know why.

Here is what I tried maybe it helps.
First I edit classes so that button after list have class .addall and code is



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