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[SOLVED] Product.tpl ---> Add image to the right hand side of my size product options!!!


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Hi all,

I am looking to have a click able image to the right hand side of the size drop down menu which will take my customer to a page with a more detail view of the size guide!!!

I have attached an image of what i want to achieve!!!

Any help would be much appreciated, as i am very close to completion of my store just a few little things!


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This maybe isn't best solution but try similar code to this (I left-out good part of code ...)

            {if isset($groups)}
           <!-- attributes -->

           {foreach from=$groups key=id_attribute_group item=group}



{if $id_attribute_group == 1} <a href="{$base_dir}cms.php?id_cms=3" class="thickbox"> {/if}


I set group id to 1 and cms page id to 3 for example.
Also change image :-)

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