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Addon SCAM and Prestashop bad customer service

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Hello dont buy the module --> https://addons.prestashop.com/en/support-online-chat/29851-intercomio-live-chat-module.html its A SCAM, it say that "Your logged-in customers will be tracked in Intercom as users, and visitors who aren’t customers (or aren’t logged in) will be tracked as leads." is a LIE, since the first day i sent a support ticket about that problem "is not tracking customers" and the only answer that i get "going to fix today" never got fixed.

ALSO, Prestashop ADDON say that if the developer dont fix the problem i will get my money back, well that doesnt happen, i also write the ADDON Prestashop Support, they told me that will answer in 72 hours, still no answer

What is going on? They are pushing the people to use another ecommerce? Why that BAD SERVICE?

I attach the screenshots of the communications with the developers and with prestashop support






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Hello sir


Please delete this fourm . module is working good all website

in your website your  allready  used this module please check https://www.bodybuildinglatino.com/tienda/


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Hello, keshva we are not using Intercom anymore and we are not using your module either, we use Tawk.to now.

Im glad you are back to support your module, because when i installed we dont get your support, we end to do our own module of intercom and use it for 1 year, after that the price increase too much for our little store so we move to tawk.to and its doing good we us.

keshva for people that want to download your module, PLEASE, answer their question on the support and im sure you will be good.

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