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How Can I show my module to a custom postion??


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The module should use the hooks of Prestashop, or you create new hooks.

Developer guide: http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS16/Developer+Guide

Unfortunately you do not inform for which Prestashop version, so I assume you are talking about PS 1.6.

For PS 1.7. you will find developer guides here: http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS17/Developer+documentation


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The module is registered to the blockPosition3 hook in the "install" function. But the function to show content out is named "hookblockPosition4"? I guess, you just need to rename the hookblockPosition4 function to "hookBlockPosition3". And then go the the BO>Modules>Positions page to move the module to be the last one in the blockPosition3 section.

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