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Custom HTML code - Live chat


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I was using magento for many of my sites, but now I am testing Prestshop.. and its much easier and faster... good job prestashop team..!

I want to know how can I add a custom HTML code to every page... is any way?

It its to add the live chat www.olark.com into each of my pages....

The only requirement that I have is

"Paste this code above the last </body> tag on your page and upload the changes to your website:"

thanks in advance!

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I didn't looked for what code is needed but after seeing there website some part is javascript so that needs to be


tags, like this :

 <script type='text/javascript'>
api.chat.updateVisitorNickname({snippet: "Billy"});

Try it.

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We noticed a bunch of our customers were having trouble getting the Olark Live Chat code to work in Prestashop, so we added a tutorial :-)


The key thing to remember is to make sure that you are wrapping the code in

{literal} {/literal}

as per the advice in this thread :-)

How are you guys liking Olark btw?

Ben Congleton

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