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Advanced product pack with product combinations?`????

Oh how we have missed this feature in Prestashop and oh how many years we have been without it. Myself i think soon 5 years.

But no more missing. :D

Finally we have found the perfect module and the perfect developer who created it.

Products Pack For Prestashop by Keutche is a really really great module and it actually does what it is suppose to do. 



There is another module that says it does this but in fact all it does is creating a hell of a lot of voucher codes etc etc. and a lot of other bad stuff to your DB. Its a shame that module is probably really well downloaded when it creates such a mess to your system. We had it installed for a couple of month but had to remove it because all the above. We have about 1000 visitors a day and each visitor who put the products in the cart it created at least 10 vouchers just for one product. You can imagine how fast your DB will be full of countless data.

But now Product Pack For Prestashop does this properly and its a fantastic module that does exactly what it is suppose to do. You can finally ad packs/bundles of products and still have your customers choose which combination they want in the pack.


With just some fast CSS editing (see screenshot) we had it working in about 5 hours although we had some problems with some settings, Keutche who is the developer fastly replied through the email support and after using this module now for about 2 months and countless modifications done by the developer himself to our shop we can not adress enough how good this module is to the competitor out there.  This proves that the size of the developer dosnt mean Sh**t. 

The developer is constantly updating the module to better work on different systems and versions of PS and we are very happy.

I am not kidding when im telling you that i have bought over 300 modules for Prestashop and this module is Top5 of the modules i have used for over 10 years. This is why i write this post becouse developer like this really needs some boosts to shine through the other big developers out there who in my mind many times becomes to big for themselves and dosnt give a sh**t about customer support. This guy on the other hand is fastly replying and have great programming skills, he even have fixed 2 other modules i bought from other developers. Fantastic. :)

So if you, like many MANY others are interested in the function to use a product pack and still let your customers choose combinations? Give Keutche a message and visit his blog or webshop for this module :) 

Blog: https://keutche-dev.com/blog/category/modules/products-pack-16x/
Module: https://productspack.eu/en/

You will not be disapointed.




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