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Login customer via webservice


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2 minutes ago, ndiaga said:



You need to encrypt passwords before sending them in URL .

Here is an example:

/** @var \PrestaShop\PrestaShop\Core\Crypto\Hashing $crypto */
        $crypto = ServiceLocator::get('\\PrestaShop\\PrestaShop\\Core\\Crypto\\Hashing');
        if ($this->id == 0 || $this->passwd != $passwd) {
            $this->passwd = $crypto->hash($passwd);


Thanks for your feedback. But i used this way. encrypt passwords is : $2y$10$mYmuptbrwNT3qBTucHbN3e3JhBel/jP3XAHq8eaWxxxxx

then i used webservice --> reponse null. (sorry my english not good).

Important, i using react native and customer information to login and register should encrypt the password as the above example is impossible.

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