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  1. Thanks for your feedback. But i used this way. encrypt passwords is : $2y$10$mYmuptbrwNT3qBTucHbN3e3JhBel/jP3XAHq8eaWxxxxx then i used webservice --> reponse null. (sorry my english not good). Important, i using react native and customer information to login and register should encrypt the password as the above example is impossible.
  2. Hi all, I use webservice in react native i have a problem : Login customer via webservice with filter email and password,I do not know how to encrypt passwords. Example : + http://domain.com/api/[email protected]&ws_key=xxxxx&output_format=JSON --> webservice return information customer + http://domain.com/api/customers?filter[email]=xxxx&filter[passwd]=xxx&ws_key=xxx&output_format=JSON --> webservice return empty. Thanks
  3. - My problems: - i'm can not login customer via webservice in prestashop 1.7 with passwd. Example : http:domain.com/api/customer?filter=xxx&filter[passwd]=xxx&ws_key=xxxxx&output_format=JSON Thanks !
  4. Hi, i see where the problem is, probably. under preferences > images you removed imagetype named 'category' / 'category_default' probably OR not checked category_default in Categories. hope help you!
  5. Hi Nemo1, Can you give me an example ? Thanks advances !
  6. Gerenal -> Enable SSL & Enable SSL on all pages --> YES. I thinks my problem in my httpd.conf. Thanks !
  7. I have a problem, SSL not active all page. It's only active homepage. I used new version prestashop.
  8. Hi We would like to create vouchers that offer a certain price but that can be used only for 1 product at a time and for 1 user. Example. + product A have a 1 voucher : CP01 and valid code is $50 if customer buy one product A will be reduced to $50, and if buy 2 product A are reduced to $100. Can you please help me and let me know if there is such module/voucher that can do that. If not, do you have any idea how we could implement this by adapting the code? Or else would you be interested to develop it for us? Many Thanks,
  9. Hi bạn cứ bật file debug trong config xem nó báo lỗi gì không để mình dựa vào đó mà giải quyết tiếp nha !
  10. Chào bạn. Cái này bạn nên tạo mới 1 controller mới nhé. 1 controller để bạn lưu các tỉnh thành và 1 controller để add thêm các quận huyển của các tỉnh thành tương ứng. và bạn nên thêm mới 2 bảng data tương ứng để lưu lại. Cảm ơn !
  11. Hi, everyone, ps_search_product have filed word not save utf-8. I mean by code PREG_CLASS_SEARCH_EXCLUDE not translate utf8. help me !
  12. Bạn làm được chưa. Nếu chưa thì mình sẽ hướng dẫn nhé !
  13. Hi, Click to link brand and manufacturer not show product. You see link : http://test.coophomeshopping.vn/vn/manufacturer/cong-ty-cp-esc-viet-nam/ AND http://test.coophomeshopping.vn/vn/manufacturer/-cong-ty-tnhh-viet-thai-a/ (1 product) not show product http://test.coophomeshopping.vn/vn/manufacturer/cong-ty-co-phan-nakagami/ (7 products) not show product Thanks you
  14. (My english not good) . I show brand for each category on the menu. it's a problem. My link issue: http://test.coophomeshopping.vn/vn/manufacturer/cong-ty-cp-vinanoi/ Thanks you .
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