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Linking accessories to a product.


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Hi there,

I need to link accessories of a product to the product itself. For example, if a customer adds to the cart a product the accessoris of the product are automatically also added to the cart.

Any help would be very very very much apriciated



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You can link accessories to a given product at the very bottom of the product page in the Back Office.
But the accessories will only be display on the product page, not automatically added.
So I move the topic to Development.

Note that, if the accessory is paying, this may be forbidden to add it automatically to the cart in some countries.

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Hi Patric,

Thank you for your reply.

Desparetly trying to find a solution on how to get a fixed + variable cost to a product. Her is an example I gave. As I understand it, it is impossible to do with combinations.

I am selling Tshirts with printing on. Printing plate (or cliche) costs a fixed price no matter how many Tshirts you buy say 10£. Every Tshirt (with no printing) costs 2£

If someone buys 4 Tshirts with printing the cost would be – 10 + 4 X 2 = 18£ ; if someone buys 8 Tshirts the price will be 10 + 8 X 2= 26

Hope you can look into it and help

Thank you again


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