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  1. In PS 1.3 it was easy to switch between languages in back office (little flags). Now in PS 1.4 it seems that every time I need to change language ( for invoice or message ) need to go to employee and press a few buttons for changing the language. Any clue on how to get back the language little flag buttons?
  2. Same problem every time need to issue invoice or message to someone from a different country need to go in employee, change language and then back to orders. Any clue on how to override this broblem would be very very much appriciated Cheers Dan
  3. using PS 1.4 ; I have bought the google API v2 @20$. How can I get PS to use the right api? Cheers Dan
  4. Hej Timpet, jeg vil gerne købe din module (PS 1.4 compatible) til webpack. Du kan PM mig eller svar here. MVH Dan
  5. Hi Mark, I have the module "free block" but for PS 1.3. Do you have it for 1.4. If you have it for 1.4 can you let me know where I can download it? ThanX Dan
  6. Hi We have developed a designer module for customizing products. You can see it at: http://jmaya.com/SHOP/product.php?id_product=10 http://jmaya.com/SHOP/product.php?id_product=19 Easy to use back office interface If interested please send a PM Cheers Dan
  7. Hi, We have developed a module that can customize products such as T-shirts You can see our modul at: http://jmaya.com/SHOP/product.php?id_product=10 If you are interesed please PM me Cheers Dan
  8. Hi, We have developed a presta shop module for designing online. Any backgound image See: http://jmaya.com/SHOP/product.php?id_product=19 Or pattern selection See: http://jmaya.com/SHOP/product.php?id_product=15 Very easy to use and configure from back office attached pictures. If someone is interested in this module please contcat PM Dan
  9. Hi, Invoice nr. and order nr. should not match because some orders don't get paid. Only paid orders shoud have sequential numbers. Dan
  10. Hi there Using PS 1.3.2 I have added a language all went well. I can see that the translations at TOOLS/TRANSLATIONS but there is no language flag on products, modules categories etc. What am I doing wrong? Cheers Dan
  11. Same problem here, accessories are showing including VAT Using PS 1.3.2 the solution is here... http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/70847/configuring___using_prestashop/solved_adding_tax_excl_dot__to_product_accessories Cheers Dan
  12. Hi (hej) Thomas, Thank you for your detailed reply. My understandding of EU VAT laws are similar to yours. We sell only B2B (business to business) so we don't need to deal with your option #1 In any case I need to varify "Manually Online" each EU VAT number. We send ONLY to the address that the company is registered under. Option #2 is our defalt option It is option #3 that I too would like to implement. If ANY number is punched as the EU VAT, the customer will not be charged VAT and it will show ZERO in cart summary and invoice. Hope some angles or heros can help Cheers Dan
  13. Hi Merico Could you please explain where and how to placew this code. I need to separte customers that have a VAT number and asign zero VAT to these customers. Hope you can help. Cheers Dan
  14. Hi there, Seems to me that PS team is neglecting V1.3 leaving it incomplete while pushing V1.4 which is at very early stages of development (not even a beta version). In any case it will take very long time before V1.4 will become stable, so check it out in a few months... There is no info. on final version of 1.3 Cheers Dan
  15. We are still waiting for the final version of 1.3 ??????????????????????? It will surely take much longer than a month (RC versionsssssssssss) until the stable version of 1.4 is published. Cheers Dan
  16. Hi, Now that PS 1.4 (alfa) is on the index page download banner... Does anybody know if PS 1.3.2 is the final version for 1.3 ? In the back office it is mentioned as 1.3.2 final but in PS website download it is mentioned as stable. Cheers Dan
  17. Hi Rocky, Thank you so much for your help. I will try and make the changes. Dan
  18. Managed to get rid of the footer in the front office... I would like to get rid of the footer in the BACK OFFICE Powered by PrestaShop™ [ forum & contact ] - Version - 0.453s ThanX Dan
  19. I have spent quite a lot of money on buying modules. Since there is no central control (prestashop doesn't certify...), some modules can not "coexist" with other modules. Programmers blame each other for not doing a good job and I was asked to pay extra if I want the module to coexsist with another module. Ended up paying for a few modules I can't use
  20. Hi, I have upgraded to 1.3.2 and paypal 1.7 seems to function well. May be because of the chages made to 1.3.2 Paypal 1.7 is not compatable with 1.3.1 Cheers Dan
  21. ThanX Imwood for the module. downloaded V0.5 (Zip file) and extracted it but I don't see anything that resembles a module. What am I doing wrong? Cheers Dan
  22. Maybe best would be to wait until Tomerg3, that wrote the module, will make the changes. I have a lot of modules installed and sometimes using a "quick fix" effects other modules. Cheers Dan
  23. Hi zhouzh56 PayPal V1.7 comes with PS 1.3.2 You can download the new version and copy it from there. Cheers Dan
  24. Hi, Which version of PS are you using? The recent changes made in PS 1.3.2 seem to effect this module. In particular when the value of the product in the default currency is smaller that 1 Cheers Dan
  25. Hej Patrik, Tak for dit hurtig svar. OK, jeg fandt den. MVH Dan
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