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Google Checkout Module - no Validation?


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Why is there not a validateOrder() function in the gcheckout module code?

How are Google Checkout payment validated?

When testing, my system returns from Google Checkout, the cart still has products and no orders have been placed.

In my sandbox, it has registered the order as completed.

Can someone explain to me how the process works for Google Checkout? I have Paypal working flawlessly and am beginning to work on Google Checkout stuff now after {finally} getting my sandbox setup.

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I actually found the validateOrder() function call in gcheckout/validate.php But when I placed debug messages
in the file it never logged them.

I also placed debug messages in order-confirmation.php and it did not log them either even though that is the
path that the return from Google Checkout is supposed to take.

I thought the return was supposed to be validate.php??

Any ideas on how to figure this out?

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In order-confirmation.php, I placed debug messages between this line:

$secure_key = isset($_GET['key']) ? $_GET['key'] : false;

and this line:

if (!$id_order OR !$id_module OR !$secure_key OR empty($secure_key))

This is the results:
order-confirmation.php (Line 13) $id_cart: 0
order-confirmation.php (Line 14) $id_order:
order-confirmation.php (Line 15) $id_module: 0
order-confirmation.php (Line 16) $secure_key:

Isn't id_cart supposed to be passed from Google Checkout to order-confirmation.php in a POST?

How can I figure out why this is not happening?

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So, when exactly is the API callback URL supposed to be called from Google's server, anyway?
It looks like it isn't being done as I am getting NOTHING back from Google.

Yes, I do have an SSL cert and https link in my API callback URL.

I'm getting no errors at all logged in googleerror.log. I don' t know how to check any error on my merchant account
even though I know there is a way.

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Well, looks like my host or my cert authority are the screw ups here.
I am getting this error in my Checkout account:

We encountered an error trying to access your server 
at https://www.mysite.com/modules/gcheckout/validation.php -- 
the error we got is java.io.IOException: Error 'SSL_CERTIFICATE_ERROR' 
connectiong to url 'https://www.mysite.com/modules/gcheckout/validation.php'.

That would explain validation.php never getting hit, for sure...

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