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(SOLVED)Need urgent help!


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Need urgent help with Paypal.
Customer has ordered and paid via paypal but when he comes to paypal the shipping cost is not added to total amount.
Shipping-cost are added in cart as it should.

So the customer has only paid the cost of the product. Any adjustment in Paypal, I guess, but where?

Edit Shipping Calculations in your profil.

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Yes I did but I might be more precise.

Log in to your Paypal account.
click profile-Shipping Calculations
select currency
select-cost method
Cost and Price Ranges — Enter a shipping cost for each price range. To make changes to the price ranges, click Edit.
edit your information for adding fee-save and done.


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Thanks for above information.

But what to do if my shipping prices are as per weight ranges, defined in my BO ?
How do I make sure that the shipping price (weight-wise) shown in the shopping cart is same as what is defined in Paypal (price-wise) ?

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