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[SOLVED] New class can't be created


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I created a new class for building my downloadable reports.
When I instantiated it in OrderHistory, nothing was happening.
I have emptied out the class so all it contains is the definition and the constructor and it STILL cannot
be instantiated.
[How I'm calling it in OrderHistory:

 Tools::DebugLog('OrderHistory', 'Before new ReportGenerator()');
 $rg = new ReportGenerator();
 Tools::DebugLog('OrderHistory', 'After new ReportGenerator()');

DebugLog is a new function I wrote in the Tools class that logs the messages to a table called ps_debug_table.

Here is my class code:

class  ReportGenerator extends ObjectModel
 public function __construct()
} // class    ReportGenerator extends ObjectModel

It logs the 'Before new ReportGenerator()' message but never logs the 'After new ReportGenerator()' message.
I intend to have an instance of TCPDF in this class as it is supposed to build a PDF report. I will also be having
two properties, partno and physical_filename.

I was thinking that, when I had that stuff in the class, it was what was causing the problem. But now that I
have a simple stripped class and it STILL isn't working. there's something major here...

Any ideas?

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