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How to only collect itens of information from custommer (presciption details) without combinations/impact on price

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Hi. I'll be as clear as I can.
Case: contact lens store.

Certain products generate about 15,000 combinations.
Prestashop simply can not handle this situation. It's not a server problem.

As in the case of contact lenses, the different combinations do not affect the price, it will be possible for the customer to only choose his (right eye, left eye, radius of curvature, spherical inclination, etc.) and send this information to the owner from the store?

It's just about collecting information.

In conclusion, it would be a normal order in which no combinations are generated.
It would work almost like filling out a common form and sending it by email.

As there is no impact on the price, it would only be necessary to send the characteristics of the product.

I'm disappointed with this Prestashop limitation :(


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You have a specific need. I don't know if another e-commerce software could handle that, but the fact is that a generic solution, like PS, is built to handle most situations, not all. If PS out-of-the-box cannot do it, may be there is a module somewhere able to fulfill your need ? Or you may end up in the same situation as I was a few months ago: do it yourself. I mean, develop a module for your specific needs.

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