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Email template cannot be modified


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Hi everybody,

Very strange thing on my PS 1.7.1 !

I modified manually an email template (html and txt version) in the folder mails/fr

Then I tested it and I always receive the old version of the email !

- If I look at the translation/emails, I see my last version OK.

- If I call this file in the browser, I see the correct version

- Cache is empty (from the admin, and manually in the FTP folders)

- Cache is turned off in the Preferences

Crazy !!!

This problem was posted here, but no answer: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/615408-modification-template-mail/

Could you help me?

PS: more crazy: if I delete the email via FTP I always receive the old version !!! So I suppose it's a cache problem, but I deleted all the files in app/cache/prod and dev folders.

Maybe another cache folder ?


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