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jquery 3.2 in prestashop 1.7


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hello i have posted before about how to use jquery in prestashop 1.7 product pages but i relly didn't get answer i think the community is not so active, 

anyway i hope i can get help this time, so want to use jquery in my product page for smooth parallax scroll, but i don't know where to write my jquery code, in core.js ? or  create my js file then include in product.tpl and how ? i also downloaded jquery3.2.1 in js/jquery/, but really don't know how to use it i have read the asset managements documents on prestashop support but i really don't understand anything they say, 

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1 hour ago, Katamariz said:

What you can do is embed it between the <head></head> in layout-both-columns.tpl, which you can find in you themes /templates/layouts  folder.

Good luck!

thanks you so much i did it but i got an error in the navigator chrome and firefox 


Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token <


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