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  1. Check my accessory store

    Thanks for the suggestions, I will be looking into them shortly.
  2. Check my accessory store

    Where would you shift it to?
  3. Check my accessory store

    Thanks, yeah I still have to make Social media pages. (They will be added later) Did you also see the white space on the right of the page? It's annoying since it makes people have to scroll side ways to get full page view.
  4. Check my accessory store

    Could you guys give me some feedback on my website? Also there is an annoying white space on the right side, which doesn't go away. Somebody knows how to remove it? It makes the site a little bit less mobile friendly My website
  5. [Tutorial] Adding Tracking URL

    Hi all, A small tip on adding a tracking url to your carrier. When you edit the carrier and add the tracking url, some complications might pop-up. Here is the tracking code that I wanted to implement for the carrier: https://jouw.postnl.nl/?D=NL&T=C#!/track-en-trace/@ However whenever I submitted it, wouldn't allow since the url was invalid. I found out that the "!" exclamation mark was making the link invalid. Therefore I got the work around by adding the link as: https://jouw.postnl.nl/?D=NL&T=C#%21/track-en-trace/@/NL/ If you ever run into an error like an invalid url, try url encoding. You can read more about that at https://www.w3schools.com/tags/ref_urlencode.asp Katamariz
  6. Banner module not working in

    Solved it by copying the TPL file from the Classic theme into the new theme. Banner shows up now.
  7. Problem on Cart page - Prestashop

    Yes, I can confirm this. I just tried it and also get this error. When typing 25 and enter it can double the amount to 50 automatically. If I lower it to 9 it lowers to 8 or 0 automatically.
  8. Banner module not working in

    Has somebody also had the same issue after upgrading from to
  9. jquery 3.2 in prestashop 1.7

    What you can do is embed it between the <head></head> in layout-both-columns.tpl, which you can find in you themes /templates/layouts folder. Good luck!
  10. Hi all, I have a question regarding the following: In the back-end I made products with combinations (e.g. different sizes and colors) For example one of my products is: True Wool Beanie This beanie comes in the following colors, Navy, Wine red and Gray. On the product page you can select the colors and the image changes, however I would also like the title to change accordingly. So that the product shows: True Wool Beanie Gray or True Wool Beanie Navy Instead of just True Wool Beanie. I know this requires some coding and I looked at the product.tpl, but I couldn make it work. (I tried copying the text values from the facets filter: {$filter.label}) But to no avail Hope to hear from you soon