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Bug Block Layered


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Hi all,

Im struggling with the block layered module. 

I choose 3 filters, it works fine but when I go to the next page, sometimes 1 filter is missing (or all).

And I can check the filter is missing in the URL as well.

But it's very bizarre cause sometimes it works well and sometimes it doesn't...

I tried to restore the module, re index the url, delete feature and create new one with new values... many times and im still facing the same issues. 




version PS and 2.2.0 for block layered. 


thx you for your help guys.



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Hi Julien,


I could reproduce the bug. But I also got not errors in the browser console.

I then enabled the module on our demo installation.


PS with Module 2.2.0 works flawlessly here. You can check it here for example:




My advice would be:


1. Rebuild the entire index. They consist of 3 parts, prices, attributes and variants. Run them all.

2. Clear your cache after the rebuild.

3. Test again.


If it still does not work, consider reset of the layered module or delete and set up new profiles.


And: your layered setup is rather complex in terms of number of selectable elements. I always try to keep it as simple as possible.

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Thank you for your help.
All what you recommanded has been done already. And i checked your website, it's doesn't work perfectly as well.
I have chosen "hochdruck" category with karsher and divers filter + price. When i go to the next page, then i go back, click on a product and then go back to product list, price filter is missing. It's a bug of the module i think.


if you have any idea, let me know

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I also checked one more and could not reproduce the issue.

I don't say there is not bug but when I selec filters, I can browse trough the category and all filters remain.

I could click on a product and then go back to the category and the filter remains set.


However, I may not directly click on a category link. You always must use the back button in your browser.

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