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source code and module files all have file permisions problem


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prestashop official souce zip file will led to file permisions problem


1. you download source code from official site. you will get a zip file.

2. if you update to a server and unzip it with cpanel file manager, you will find yourself in hell, all of these file are set with wrong permisions.  


using the same zip file, if you unzip from your windows PC, then upload via FTP to your server, you will find all of your files are perfect, and ready to install.


it is not the problem of cpanel unzip function.  because I have tried 3 different hosting provider, the result is the same.


another problem related to prestashop zip faulty.

if you search

Error: Unable to check md5 files

you will find so many people have this problem during the upgrade via 1-Click Upgrade Module.  

why? file permisions again! 

how to make this problem show up? I am running prestashop 1.7

1. download zip file from addon page.

2. fresh install 1-Click Upgrade Module from back store "upload module" button

3. run your auto upgrade, you will see error Error: Unable to check md5 files

4. login via ftp admin/autoupgrade you will see again file permisions are set wrong.


I also see commits from users if you unzip the addon from your PC, then upload via ftp works fine


what a magic....zip file!!!!!




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